Permanent Exhibitions - Collections

  • Collection of Handmade Ceramics by Cosmas Xenakis

    Of particular importance is the collection of the architect Kosmas Xenakis, which consists of ceramics of various types, representative of the production of the period 1930-1970, a characteristic and critical period for the pottery art. Xenakis, coming into contact with the world of ceramics in Sifnos, and anticipating its gradual marginalization in the face of the prevalence of new materials, began to collect handmade vessels and tools, recording their dimensions and other information. His collection and his notes are a source of very important and interesting information on a large part of the forms that are now considered traditional and typical of Sifnos production.

  • Collection of Sifnos Potters

    In order to organize the Sifnos Pottery Museum, the newly established Collection of Sifnos Potters was created. This collection consists of pots and utensils that were willingly donated by each potter and are either inherited from previous generations of potters of their families, or parts of their personal collections.

Selected Exhibits

  • Refractory cookware for use in electric ovens or wood-fired ovens

- the tsikalia (pots)
- the pots
- the mastela
- the roasters

- the casseroles (giouvetsi)
- the tava (metal-made cooking utensil)
- the skepastaria (special ceramic utensil)
- the brazier

  • Utensils for daily use

- plates, platters, bowls
- glasses, mugs, cups
- ashtrays
- plant pots

- pitchers
- boat pitchers
- decanters
- containers (with lids)

  • Storage and other traditional vases of Sifnos

- the pitcher
- the half-pitcher
- the boat pitcher
- the jug
- the mastelo (earthen pot)
- the pot
- the tsikali (pot)
- the skepastria (special ceramic utensil)
- the stamna (basin)
- the foufou (brazier)

- the armeos (milking pot)
- the thymiato (censer)
- the dipseli (beehive)
- the kapnistiri (smoker)
- the flaros (top part of the clay chimney)
- the lainas (pot)
- the laini (pot)
- the gavatha (bowl)
- the apladena (large plate)
- the mithiri (ceramic)

- the lyχnos (ceramic)
- the couroupi (ceramic)
- the pinata
- the kioupi (crock)
- the plant pot
- the tsoukaloudi (small pot)
- the verudi
- the siphon
- the magali (brazier)
- the trypito (strainer)

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